Meet The Team


Barri Hamid (BVSc, MSc, and MRCVS)
Senior Vet & Director

Barri joined ACC August 2016. A few years after his graduation in 1993, he immigrated to the UK where he finished his postgraduate study with distinction and gained the Membership of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London. He worked for some of the major veterinary care providers in England including the PDSA and Vets-Now, Where he was a deputy head and a Senior Veterinary Surgeon, respectively. His last appointment in the UK was a Senior Vet with Companion Care/Vets4Pets.


Dr. Ahmed Hassan (vet surgeon)

Dr. Ahmed joined ACC in 2014. Soon after his graduation, he gained very good experience in Shelter Animal Medicine in Cairo as he worked for many shelters. In 2007 he completed a Diploma in Pet Animal Medicine and Surgery. In 2005 and 2007 he trained in the PDSA Hospital in Hull, England. 2009 to 2013 he was running his own clinic in Cairo.


Dr.Hind Abo Etta (Veterinary Surgeon)

Dr. Hind joined ACC in November 2012, and completed an internal internship. Prior to that, she gained a Diploma in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases from Cairo University. Soon after her graduation in 2011, she spent one year at VACSERA; an organization responsible for vaccine testing and safety. She has a keen interest in Exotic Medicine, especially birds.


Chithra .N. (MSc Microbiology)

Chithra joined the ACC in 2014, with very good experience in Microbiological Analysis and Clinical Pathology. She gained her postgraduate Degree in Microbiology from Bharathiyar University in India. Her main role in the clinic involves blood analysis, urinalysis, fecal analysis and running all the other test used in ACC. She is very competent in Microscopic examination of all sorts, amongst other skills.


Elaine Minsuarez (Nurse)

Elaine joined ACC in Nov 2015. She is a human nurse licensed in the Philippines. She worked in ER, female ward, psychiatric hospital, geriatric ward and as a dental nurse, home health nurse and home for children with special needs. She worked in KSA and the Philippines before realizing her passion for animal care. She has her own pets.


Fredrick Perera (Animal Technician)

Fredrick joined ACC in April, 2015. He is very much involved in patient preparation for clinical examination as well as surgery, including orthopedic surgery. Nursing care and first aid are part of his duties. Preparation of theatre, dealing with dental cases, involvement in radiography examination and blood sampling are part of his daily duties. He is a very keen learner and an experienced dog owner.


Nikita Gjersoe (Client Care Assistant)

-GPA 3.75 graduated from the University of Nebraska
-volunteered at the BSPCA for several years
-lived 15 years of my life in Bahrain
-happy and cheerful person
-owner of 5 huskies